Ramco Rammed Earth Construction

Ramco Rammed Earth Construction specialises in rammed earth wall design and construction. Owner, Leon Harrington lends the business over 20 years of experience in the rammed earth building industry. His skills and craftsmanship are second to none, and he prides himself on re-creating the unique vision of every client.

Rammed earth construction is a popular choice for owner / builders and members of the construction industry. With fewer trades required in the building process, it is a fast, affordable and stylish building alternative.

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Advantages of Rammed Earth

Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter

The earth’s characteristics combined with the wall’s thickness create a superior thermal mass which protects against extremes in temperature. For this reason, rammed earth is a popular option in Northern & Southern Western Australia, as well as other locations where temperatures fluctuate greatly from day to night.

Fire Proof

Rammed earth walls are comprised of materials that are completely fire proof. With a steel roof, a rammed earth house is 100% fire proof, making it an ideal material for buildings surrounded by bush or in leafy suburbs.

Termite Proof

Termites will not penetrate rammed earth walls. By combining a concrete pad and steel roofing, nothing will attract or feed termites in your home.

Moving into the Suburbs

The unique appearance & superior qualities of rammed earth homes make them a popular choice for suburban home owners who desire a stylish and individualistic look.


With many styles, colours and designs available, your options are as limitless as your imagination. If you want individuality, personality and flair, a rammed earth home is an exceptional choice.

Noise Reduction

Rammed earth homes have superior soundproofing qualities. They can eliminate loud noises such as traffic, your own home theatre and even children banging on the drums.

Strong and Durable

From the Great Wall of China to countless buildings in Asis, South America and Africa, rammed earth is a worldwide phenomenom that has been used for thousands of years. Known as ‘Pise’ in France, Europe have many rammed earth buildings – both modern and historic.

Modern rammed earth has taken a quantum leap in quality, with the use of pneumatic compactors, the addition of cement, stabilisers, essential waterproofing agents and most recently, our aluminium and industrial plastic formwork.

No Maintenance

Because the colour and water resistance penetrate all the way through the wall, rammed earth does not require maintenance. No re-painting, re-plastering or even re-sealing is needed once your wall is constructed.

Natural Ambience

Rammed earth has a uniquely natural feel like no other.

Load Bearing

Engineers recognise rammed earth as a load bearing material. For this reason, rammed earth buildings can feature many levels and structural features. Its durable qualities make rammed earth ideal for cyclonic zones as reinforced steel can be carried through the slab, through the middle of the walls and used to hold the roof down. Interlocked panels make the material an excellent choice for earthquake zones, as rammed earth articulates with tremors rather than cracking or crumbling like brickwork.

No Delays

Fast to erect, so you can move on to the next stage of construction as soon as possible.

Cost Effective

With fewer trades involved in the erection process, rammed earth homes are significantly more affordable than their counterparts. Plastering, painting, gyprocking, tiling and wallpapering are not necessarily needed in the process.

Environmentally Friendly

Rammed earth is a non-toxic, non-polluting and breathable material. This eco-friendly material also benefits from insulating properties, meaning a significant saving in energy costs.

Further information

Further information about rammed earth can be found on our rammed earth page.